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What are some common accidents involving bicycles?

According to, there are approximately 90,000,000 cyclists in the U.S. Because bicycles are afforded the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles, Connecticut drivers must take the proper steps to prevent a serious accident from occurring. The following are a few common accidents, along with tips on how to avoid them.

Opening car doors

When parked on a busy a street, a motorist should check for oncoming vehicles before opening the door. This is especially important with regards to bicycles. A cyclist will be seriously injured if he collides with an open door, and other vehicles may also become involved if the street is particularly busy. When parked, check and recheck the street before opening your door and stepping out. Cyclists should also be cautious when riding next to parked vehicles and keep a distance of three feet whenever possible.

Failure to yield

Both motorists and cyclists can be cited for failure to yield. Both parties must obey traffic laws diligently in this case. Cyclists should stop at red lights and stop signs just like any other vehicles. Motorists must also yield to oncoming bikes as required, while also taking care when making left turns. Paying attention to your surroundings is key in this case, as it can help you avoid an accident and respond in a timely manner.  

Lack of visibility

It can be hard to see bicycles at night. That’s why cyclists must wear proper attire when riding, no matter how populated the area. Lights can be affixed to the bicycle to signal their presence to other vehicles. Cyclists should also wear reflective clothing, such as vests and jackets, as these will be illuminated by the vehicle’s headlights.

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