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Long-term effects of TBI can leave you struggling

Undoubtedly, you have marveled at the way your body can heal itself. A cut or scrape on your skin may disappear within a few days. Even a broken bone will mend if the limb remains immobile. Unfortunately, an injury to the brain does not heal the same way. In fact, despite advances in medicine and technology, scientists do not fully understand how the brain works or how to repair it after injury.

If you have been in an auto accident that left you with a moderate to severe brain injury, your doctor may have already told you to expect long-term effects. You may struggle in many areas of your life, and even simple tasks may become a challenge to you. All of this may be even more frustrating to you if the accident that caused your injuries resulted from someone else's negligent actions.

Common effects of a brain injury

Depending on where in your brain the injury occurred, you may experience difficulty with certain cognitive and physical tasks. Things you once accomplished easily, such as counting change, now become tedious and confusing. You may notice a difference in your motor skills, for example when you try to button your shirt or tie your shoes. Many with traumatic brain injuries have difficulty controlling their emotions or reacting appropriately in certain situations. Some effects of a brain injury may make it impossible for you to remain employed, such as:

  • You may have problems with your vision or hearing.
  • You may have difficulty remembering things.
  • It may be frustrating for you to make simple decisions.
  • You may experience increased distraction.
  • You may exhibit impulsive behavior.
  • It may be difficult for you to process conversation.
  • You may have lost your ability to think abstractly.
  • Your injury may make you intolerant of noise, light or sudden changes.
  • It may be a challenge for you to communicate or socialize with your coworkers.

In some cases, victims of traumatic brain injuries become aggressive or irritable. Understandably, without proper treatment and support, TBI victims may become depressed. You may have difficulty sleeping or eating. You cannot overlook the possibility of additional medical issues such as seizures, pain, headaches or muscle spasms.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may require long-term or even permanent care. The quality care that you deserve will not be cheap, and you will want every opportunity for a rich and fulfilling life. To help you meet that goal, you can reach out to a Connecticut legal professional for advice about pursuing compensation for your injuries from every possible source.

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