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March 2019 Archives

How do employees and independent contractors differ?

In order to receive compensation for work injuries, you must be considered a full-time employee. Unfortunately, some employers misclassify their workers to avoid providing appropriate compensation, which can leave you without an income and on the hook for medical expenses. To ensure you’re able to determine your own employment status, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services offers the following information.

What are some common accidents involving bicycles?

According to, there are approximately 90,000,000 cyclists in the U.S. Because bicycles are afforded the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles, Connecticut drivers must take the proper steps to prevent a serious accident from occurring. The following are a few common accidents, along with tips on how to avoid them.

Mother sues political donor over the death of her son

In many cases, the motives behind a wrongful death lawsuit in New Haven may be financial, as those that one who dies due to the apparent negligence of another might struggle in dealing with the financial losses their death brings. Yet in others, the filers of such lawsuits may simply be seeking to hold those responsible for their loved one's deaths accountable. Although the outcome of a wrongful death lawsuit may not include a defendant facing criminal charges (at least for the matter being argued), it may offer some degree of closure to those affected by their actions in knowing that they have been found legally culpable. 

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