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Middlefield woman seriously injured in auto-ped accident

Many in New Haven may jokingly apply the concept of Darwinism to several situations outside of evolution. The idea of "survival of the fittest" may seem to imply that the biggest and the strongest of a related bunch always gets the best of a given situation. That may certainly be true in the case of an auto-pedestrian collision. Given the fact that pedestrians are fully exposed to the impact of a vehicle while motorists remain protected by their cars in such incidents, it is little wonder that pedestrians get the worst of it when such collisions occur. Thus, the law offers them protections is scenarios where they might encounter vehicles. 

Pedestrians are afforded the right-of-way when using a sidewalk or crossing the street in a crosswalk. Yet even these protections may not serve to adequately protect them when motorists drive recklessly. That certainly appears to be what happened when a car collided with a pedestrian in Middlefield. Witnesses say that the car was traveling westbound on a local road when it suddenly veered into oncoming traffic. The car then hit a pedestrian before finally being halted by a telephone pole. The driver of the car was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The woman he struck, however, did not fare nearly as well. She reportedly sustained serious injuries. 

Investigators in this case are attempting to determine what might have caused the motorist to drive into oncoming traffic. Yet whether his actions (or the actions of those who engage in similar conduct) were intentional or not, the question of liability may likely be a moot point. Accident victims in such cases may be compelled to seek compensation. The chances of earning it through legal action may be much improved by having an attorney on their side. 

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