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How can you spot a drowsy driver?

Drinking and driving. Texting while driving. Eating while driving. All of these are practices that drivers in New Haven are told to avoid. Yet could there be an activity that most have no trouble avoiding, yet whose avoidance could also cause them to become hazards behind the wheel? There is indeed: it is known as sleep, and a drowsy driver could pose just as great a risk to you and others as any of the aforementioned groups of impaired or distracted motorists. 

The trouble is knowing when the drive that hit you was suffering from fatigue or drowsiness. Obviously finding them asleep behind the wheel would be the easiest indication, yet in most instances, a collision would quickly jolt a driver out of any state of sleepiness. Plus, one might be hesitant to admit to you that they were drowsy for fear of facing any punitive penalties. 

The odds of any collision having an element of fatigue involved may be quite high, as information shared by The National Safety Council shows that 40 percent of American drivers have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel at some point. Of course, the odds of someone feeling drowsy during the middle of the day might be quite low. In contrast, it may be safe to assume that an accident that occurs in the late night or early morning hours did involve a drowsy driver (as that is when most tend to be asleep). 

Other more subtle clues may offer hints that the driver that caused your accident was fatigued. Bloodshot eyes may be an indicator of sleep deprivation. Also, if they mention that they work odd hours (such as on a swing or graveyard shift), that could indicate that they have erratic sleeping patterns. 

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