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How many pedestrians die in traffic accidents?

Every year, motor vehicle crashes result in the loss of many innocent lives. Sadly, some of these incidents involve pedestrians who may have been walking to work, trying to get some exercise or walking alongside the road for any number of reasons. It is very important to watch out for reckless drivers if you go for a walk or someone you love regularly walks to work or takes to the road for any other reason. Tragically, it is too late for many pedestrians whose lives were cut short by an irresponsible driver.

Statistics that were provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that in 2016, more than 5,980 pedestrians passed away in traffic accidents. This number is especially upsetting because it also reflects an increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities in recent years. During 2014, 4,910 pedestrians lost their lives and 4,109 pedestrians passed away in accidents over the course of 2009.

With thousands of pedestrians passing away in traffic accidents each year, it is pivotal to watch out for the numerous accident risks and hold reckless drivers accountable. Some of these fatal accidents occur because of pedestrians behaving irresponsibly, such as crossing the road improperly while intoxicated, but many are caused by negligent drivers. When a vehicle collides with someone who is walking, especially when the driver is traveling fast, the outcome can be disastrous. If you have lost a spouse or a child in a pedestrian accident, you may be going through unimaginable pain and may want to think about filing suit.

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