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What sort of aid should expect after a car accident?

It may be common knowledge amongst most in New Haven that people are not supposed to drive off after having been involved in a car accident. If for nothing else, a driver whose vehicle collides with yours is expected to at least provide you with their contact and insurance information. Yet what if you are injured in the accident and need immediate aid? Is said driver expected to provide it? 

Coming up with the correct answer for that question may be tricky. From a legal standpoint, Sections 14-224(b)(1-3) of Connecticut's General Statutes state that anyone involved in an accident has a duty to render aid to those injured in it. Thus, you should expect that the others involved in your accident (who are physically capable of doing so) will do so. Yet the odds of even one of them having the medical skill and knowledge needed to effectively treat your injuries may be slim. Plus, you do not want someone unfamiliar with medical treatment to try and manipulate your injuries for fear that whatever they do could make them worse. 

So what, then, does "aid" constitute in this context? The law specifically uses the term "as may be needed," which could mean something as simple as calling 911 or another emergency dispatch service. In such circumstances, such a call provides first responders with a description of the extent of your injuries and helps in arranging transport to a local medical facility for you to receive mote extensive care. Do not expect other accident victims to provide actual care to you beyond whatever instructions an emergency dispatch user provides. Except in life-threatening situations, they may simply be advised to make you as comfortable as possible until help arrives. 

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