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Foggy windows and motor vehicle crashes

In November, many Americans experience much colder weather than their cities saw during the summer months. Some people may miss the summer while others embrace the seasonal change and look forward to winter. Either way, fall weather can lead to a variety of risks that may cause a car accident. Aside from road conditions, weather can even cause the windows on a driver’s vehicle to become foggy, which can prevent them from being able to see other vehicles and the road in front of them.

Foggy windows can be dangerous for many reasons. For example, someone may try to drive because their side windows are foggy, but they can see out of their windshield fine. Unfortunately, this can lead to a crash when they are unable to see other vehicles while switching lanes or turning. This is also true for back windows and some people drive even though they can barely see through their windshield. For example, a driver who has to get to school or work could make the poor decision to drive when their windows are foggy.

Unfortunately, driving with foggy windows has claimed lives and left scores of car accident victims with massive injuries. Those who are hit by a driver whose windows were foggy should be sure to take this aspect of the crash into account, especially if they plan to take their case to court. Auto accident victims deserve justice after a crash and it is very upsetting to know that these types of accidents were completely preventable.

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