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What can I do if I’m involved in a hit and run?

It’s every Connecticut driver’s worst nightmare. One minute you’re going about your merry way and the next you’re involved in a hit and run accident. Even if you were not at fault, it’s important you take the right steps in the aftermath. State Farm explains what you should do immediately following a hit and run, both to preserve safety and to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

Take down as much information as possible

If you happen to see the license plate number, be sure to write it down right away. Even if you only have the partial license plate it can still prove helpful. Also take down the color, make, and model of the vehicle and what direction it drove off in. Location, date, and time are also important.

Talk to any witnesses on the scene

People at the scene are also be a good source of information. When talking to witnesses, write down a few notes about what they saw, as well as getting their contact information. Witness testimony is very important should you decide to file an accident claim. Because they can offer an objective version of events, their testimony is considered quite valuable.

Remain on the scene until law enforcement arrives

Although you may be tempted to go after the other driver, you should definitely remain on the scene. If you leave the scene you could also be charged with a hit and run, no matter the reason you left. Also, you may put the safety and well-being of yourself and other drivers at risk if you’re speeding after the person who hit you. Stay on the scene and provide law enforcement all the information you have so they can safely look for the vehicle.

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