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No one wants to share the road with distracted big rig drivers

Commercial truck drivers from Connecticut travel the roadways nationwide. If you are one of them, you likely know the potential hazards of your job. The fact that you spend many hours in your own company might make the temptation to use a mobile phone irresistible. The laws prohibiting mobile phone use by drivers apply nationwide.

When someone is overexcited while driving

A driver’s emotional state can increase the probability of a crash in different ways. For example, those who are angry may drive more aggressively, while drivers struggling with deep depression may struggle to respond to a threat on the road promptly. In this post, we will look at some of the concerns that are associated with driving while overexcited, which can be dangerous for different reasons even though some drivers do not realize it.

What can I do if I’m involved in a hit and run?

It’s every Connecticut driver’s worst nightmare. One minute you’re going about your merry way and the next you’re involved in a hit and run accident. Even if you were not at fault, it’s important you take the right steps in the aftermath. State Farm explains what you should do immediately following a hit and run, both to preserve safety and to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

What if your dog attacks someone?

With all of the love and comfort your dog provides to you, it is easy to forget that he or she is still an animal subject to natural instincts. This could potentially make him or her a threat to whoever frequents your home or property in New Haven (no matter how friendly his or her disposition might seem). As his or her owner, you are of course responsible for his or her actions. Yet at what point does that responsibility turn into civil liability

How can I prevent distracted driving?

Motorists in Connecticut have a responsibility to drive safely at all times. Preventing distractions while driving is a crucial part of preserving the safety of yourself as well as others, as driving distractions are known to cause a wide range of accidents. In order to empower motorists to be responsible on the road, Geico offers the following advice.

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