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Duck boat involved in collision with car

Many motorists in New Haven may not fully grasp the enormity of the responsibility that they assume when they get behind the wheel. Not only do they have the duty to operate their vehicles in a way that does not endanger others on the road around them, but they also must drive in a manner that protects their passengers in their own vehicles. A failure to fulfill both responsibilities can quickly open a driver up to liability claims from multiple parties. 

duck boat tour company could potentially be facing such a conundrum after on of its vehicles was involved in an accident in Massachusetts. The amphibious craft was attempting to turn into the same lane of another vehicle when the two collided. Although exact details of the accident have not been released, witnesses state that they saw the duck boat pushing the other car up the street following the collision. The duck boat was full of passengers at the time, yet fortunately, only one of the people involved in the collision required medical treatment (whether that was one of those on the duck boat or a party from the other vehicle was not reported). 

When determining liability between the drivers involved in this case (and others like it), investigators may try to determine whose actions most contributed to the accident. At the same time, passengers in the vehicles involved might also try to seek compensation from the drivers (or the companies that employ them in the case of commercial vehicles). Even in cases where passengers sign liability waiver prior to departure, liability might still be assigned if the vehicle driver was proven to be driving recklessly. In any case, those looking to initiate action in cases like this may wish to secure the services of an experienced attorney. 

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