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Defining casual employment

The general assumption amongst most in New Haven might be that any injury suffered while one is engaged in fulfilling the terms of employment is covered under workers' compensation. This thought allows you to be fully engaged in your work without worrying about having to cover any expenses that might result from a work-related injury. Many of those that we here at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC have worked with have come to us with this assumption, only to then be disappointed to learn that workers' compensation does not apply to every professional relationship. One such exception is cases of casual labor. 

Say that a local dentist office hires you to come in do some carpentry work to expand his or her clinic. While completing the job, you fall from a ladder and break your wrist. Suddenly you are having to deal with medical bills stemming from the treatment of your injury, as well as a loss of income from having to postpone your work while you recover. In such as case, however, workers' compensation laws do not apply to you because (according to Connecticut's Workers Compensation Commission) the casual nature of your employment does not classify you as an employee. 

Casual employment is considered any work that does not fall within the scope of an employer's primary function. In this case, since a dentist does not typically deal with carpentry or construction work, your work for him or her is considered casual. If, however, you were working as part of crew for a construction company, then you may be entitled to workers' compensation through your employer. 

You can learn more about workers' compensation benefits and exceptions by continuing to browse through our site. 

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