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Safety tips for owners of swimming pools

If you have a swimming pool on your property in Connecticut, you likely know how important safety precautions truly are. Along with preserving the health and well-being of family and guests, ensuring the environment is safe is also crucial from a liability perspective. Accordingly, the American Red Cross recommends the following guidance.

Adult Supervision Is a Must

Each year more than 200 children tragically die as a result of home pools. This is why adult supervision is a must at all times if you have children in the home (especially when their friends are also using the pool). Kids should never swim alone, even if they are experienced. Additionally, any kids still unable to swim should be outfitted in the proper safety attire (such as a life jacket).

 Keep the Pool Inaccessible

It’s also up to the property owner to ensure the pool is not accessible during off-hours. Fences (which must be at least 4-feet high) should surround the pool and any gates should have locks to prevent access. The pool should also be covered at night, with ladders removed and stored securely. If you want to increase security even further, consider having an alarm installed (which will alert you to the presence of any unwanted visitors).

Make & Post Pool Rules

Pool rules often include things like no diving due to shallow water and no running (which can lead to slips-and-falls). Posting these rules is the best way to ensure friends and family are completely aware of safe practices. Also, knowing how to respond to an emergency situation is key for owners of pools. Undergoing CPR and first-aid training can provide the knowledge necessary to potentially save a life in the event of an accident.  

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