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What is defensive driving?

As a driver in New Haven, being alert and aware when behind the wheel can help prevent serious accidents from occurring. However, even safe drivers can be involved in accidents when encountering distracted or negligent motorists, which is why defensive driving is so importance. explains what defensive driving entails and how it can help avoid serious injuries and property damage.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

There are numerous distractions that can impair your ability to operate a vehicle efficiently. For instance, texting while driving is extremely dangerous because it involves three different types of distractions (which are manual, cognitive, and visual). Even talking to passengers can pull your attention away from the road, so it’s best to remain focused on the task at hand at all times.

Stay Calm When on the Road

Remaining upbeat when driving can be a challenge, especially when encountering careless drivers. However, remaining cool and collected is key to prevent accidents from occurring. If you become angry or frustrated, try to retain your composure by taking a few deep breaths until the moment passes. The calmer you are the better your driving ability will be, and this will help you avoid accidents.

Watching Out for Aggressive Drivers

A major part of defensive driving is being alert and aware. Everything from road conditions to other motorists can impact your safety, so it’s crucial that you look ahead and make liberal use of your mirrors. Should you encounter an aggressive driver the best course of action is to maintain a safe distance. That way you can react to any sudden maneuvers or stops without risking a collision.

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