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Negligent entrustment explained

Car accidents in New Haven are a fact of life. That does not mean, however, that you have to accept you being involved in one as an inevitability. The causes of collisions can typically be linked to the actions of at least one of the drivers involved. If it is discovered that the driver who caused yours had previously shown him or herself to be a reckless or irresponsible driver (and was not even in his or her own car), then you justly question who allowed him or her to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. We at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC are here to tell you that not only is such a question justified, but also one that might be in your best interests to pursue. 

Why? Say the driver that hit you was in another's car because he or she cannot afford one, has had his or hers impounded or repossessed, or is even driving on a suspended license (or has no license at all). In such a case, he or she may not have the resources to provide you with the compensation you need to cover your accident expenses. The person who loaned him or her a vehicle, however, just might.

The legal doctrine of negligent entrustment allows you to assign liability to people who loaned their vehicles to unskilled or unqualified drivers. Rulings issued by the Supreme Court of Connecticut require you to prove the following elements in a negligent entrustment case: 

  • That the vehicle owner knew (or should have known) about the borrower's driving limitations
  • He or she loaned the borrower the vehicle anyway
  • The borrower's driving limitations caused your accident

You can learn more about assigning liability after a car accident by continuing to explore our site. 

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