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April 2018 Archives

Defining "employees" in Connecticut

No matter the nature of the work you do in New Haven, you likely head to your job each morning confident local laws ensure that you will be protected financially should something happen to you. The first question that we here at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC field from clients is whether or not the expenses from their workplace injuries will be covered by workers' compensation. If you have the same concern, the question you should be considering is does your employment status qualify you for such benefits? 

Rule tries to tackle the problem of trucker fatigue

The fact that a truck driver could become fatigued in Connecticut while operating a semi truck or other large rig is not surprising. These drivers often spend many hours on the road and may even be forced to drive in the wee hours of the morning or late at night. Being alone while driving may also influence their ability to remain alert being the wheel.

The importance of manufacturing work in america

The giant of the American economy, the manufacturing industry is one that countless workers rely on as a way of life. Although many experts predict the end of the manufacturing world in the coming years, others beg to differ, pointing out that the industry is as vital as ever before. With the importance of manufacturing in current debate, many have turned to the subtopics of safety and efficiency in America's factories; does the nation's attitude toward manufacturing work reflect an accurate portrayal of the industry itself?

How Can I Prevent Car Accidents From Occurring?

Even the safest drivers in New Haven may find themselves involved in a car accident, despite their best efforts. While you can’t always prevent an accident from occurring, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of crash as well as reduce the severity of injury or property damage. The Balance offers the following tips to drivers to ensure they remain safe and secure behind the wheel.

Avoiding traumatic brain injuries in the workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides standards and guidelines with which employers in all industries in Connecticut must comply to ensure employee safety. However, regardless of your employer's commitment to compliance, accidents will happen. Some injuries like head trauma and traumatic brain injuries, are not as apparent as open wounds and fractured bones, and they frequently remain undiagnosed for days or weeks -- sometimes months -- after the initial trauma to your head.

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