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March 2018 Archives

Family pursuing wrongful death lawsuit in alleged suicide case

When people in New Haven die under mysterious circumstances, their family and friends may hold on to the hope that law enforcement officials will find those responsible for their deaths, and that those parties will face criminal charges. If that does not happen, they may still choose to pursue a wrongful death action. One might question how one who was cleared for any criminal wrongdoing can then be the target of civil action for the same issue. Yet civil courts assign liability based on different criteria than those hearing criminal cases. 

Why are expert witnesses important to medical malpractice cases?

Pursuing a medical malpractice case can be extremely trying, particularly if you or a loved one are already suffering under the stress of traumatic injury or wrongful death. When it comes to discussing and proving your medical malpractice case, courts may rely on expert witnesses to provide testimony that can validate or negate your claims. But what are expert witnesses, and why do they matter?

Understanding "move over" laws

If you were asked what would be the absolute worst place to stop your car, you would likely echo the same answer that many in New Haven might give: the side of the freeway. Yet in some of the cases that we here at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC deal with, people are often left with little choice. If your vehicle has recently become disabled on a freeway, then you are well aware of just how harrowing such an experience can be. If that incident resulted in another car striking yours, then you may justly be questioning who is at fault. 

Examining the potential impact of a slip-and-fall accident

Many in New Haven may buy into the notion that America has become a litigious society. They may point to incidents involving slips and falls and say that such accidents do not warrant legal action. This may come from the assumption that one would not likely sustain serious injuries in a fall. Yet statistics seem to indicate that incidents as seemingly benign as a ground-level fall can actually result in serious health consequences. 

Can you sue a hospital for an infection?

Residents of Connecticut and every state in the U.S. have likely heard someone say, “the hospital is no place for sick people,” or “I got sick at the hospital.” The sentiments were probably delivered tongue-in-cheek, good for a snicker or two, but there are times when a comment like one of these is all too appropriate.

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