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Motorcycle safety: Watch out for negligent motorists!

Motorcycle travel enjoyed a great resurgence as gasoline prices continued to rise over the past few years. You may be one of many who use this form of travel to commute to and from work, or you may simply be a Connecticut motorcycle enthusiast who loves the sound of a Harley Davidson and the feel of the wind while sailing down a highway on two wheels.

As a responsible motorist, you have likely researched state laws regarding motorcycle travel. It's also always a good idea to stay updated on travel safety tips for motorcycle operators. It's one thing to understand how to reduce your injury risk, and quite another to fall victim to another driver's reckless or negligent actions behind the wheel. In such circumstances, it's critical to know what to do and where to turn for help if you're involved in a collision that causes you injury.

Consider your safety first

Some say there's nothing like riding down a Connecticut roadway alongside fellow motorcyclists. Thinking ahead and appropriate preparation are often key factors toward motorcycle safety. The following ideas may help you and your riding companions safely reach your destinations:

  • While the current law in Connecticut requires only those under age 18 traveling by motorcycle to wear protective helmets, all motorcyclists who wish to reduce their injury risks will do the same. A protective helmet is one of the most valuable pieces of safety equipment available to motorcycle operators and passengers.
  • In addition to what's on your head while riding a motorcycle, the clothing you have on the rest of your body can also increase or lower your risk for injury. Leather jackets and pants are best, but at least full-length pants if you're not wearing leather.
  • Boots with no-skid soles are the best type of footwear for optimum motorcycle safety.
  • The way you ride is also very important. As a safe and cautious motorcyclist, you understand that defensive driving is best. It's also a good idea to make sure you never wind up in another motorist's blind spot on the road.

Many collisions involve negligent motorists who fail to yield rights-of-way to motorcyclists. This is merely one of many types of negligence that can result in catastrophic injuries. Those who drive under the influence of alcohol, travel above posted speed limits or use cell phones while driving also place motorcyclists and all other travelers at risk.

Where to turn for help following a crash

Recovering from a collision often involves physical and emotional challenges. You may have trouble sleeping, have to take time off work and face exorbitant medical costs that you are unprepared to meet.

To overcome the latter type of problem, many recovering collision victims in Connecticut reach out for support from experienced personal injury attorneys who can seek recovery for their losses by filing negligence claims against those who caused their injuries.

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