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February 2018 Archives

Motorcycle safety: Watch out for negligent motorists!

Motorcycle travel enjoyed a great resurgence as gasoline prices continued to rise over the past few years. You may be one of many who use this form of travel to commute to and from work, or you may simply be a Connecticut motorcycle enthusiast who loves the sound of a Harley Davidson and the feel of the wind while sailing down a highway on two wheels.

Ladders falls and other construction hazards

In work spaces across the country, employees are injured or even lose their lives in many ways. Unfortunately, the construction industry can be especially devastating for those who work in high places or are required to use dangerous machinery. For many construction workers, falls are a major concern and may be even more likely during the winter months when ice, heavy rainfall, fog, and strong winds can be problematic. Moreover, many construction workers are injured when they fall off of a ladder. From broken bones to other injuries that require time away from work, the impact of a ladder fall can be devastating from a physical and financial point of view.

The distractions caused by eating while driving

Oftentimes there are telltale indicators at the scene of a car accident in New Haven that suggest that the driver responsible for it was distracted. Most might assume that indicator to be a cell phone, and that if one is found in the driver console of a crashed vehicle, that the driver was either talking or texting. Yet as awareness increases of other methods of distraction that many employ while driving, authorities and investigators may start looking for other clues (such as discarded food wrappers or empty drink cups). 

Does workers’ comp cover carpal tunnel injuries?

If you work as a typist, construction worker or even a barista in Connecticut, you could be a candidate for a wrist injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, anyone who uses their hands to do the same task over and over is at risk of experiencing a repetitive stress injury. 

Understanding the limitations of liability waivers

Getting out to participate in the activities offered in New Haven is an integral part of enjoying life. Yet often you will find that in order to participate in such activities, you and/or members of your family will have to sign a liability waiver. Several of those that we here at The Law Office of George Romania, LLC have worked with in the past have questioned to what extent such waivers are enforceable. The answer to that question may depend upon the nature of the activity. 

Sometimes a headache is more than just a headache

Whether you fell, had a car accident or were involved in some other sort of incident, you may or may not recall hitting your head or a blow to the head. You may have gone to the doctor for a thorough examination, received treatment for other injuries and then went home to get some rest.

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