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Reviewing Connecticut's wrongful death statute

The days and months immediately following the unexpected loss of a loved one in New Haven can be extremely difficult to bear. Those going through them may want to do anything but think about the circumstances that may have led to the deaths of their family members or friends. Yet when questions remain regarding how one might have died, those closest to the decedent may feel compelled to look into matters further to understand what exactly may have happened. If it is revealed that a person's death was due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, those most affected by it may want the chance to hold the responsible party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit

The question then becomes how long after one's death can his or her representative initiate such action? Connecticut's wrongful death statute is spelled out in Section 52-555 of the state's General Statutes. It says that any action meant to recover damages for a person's wrongful death must be initiated within either two years of his or her passing, and five years from the date of the act or omission that led to his or her death. 

There may be exceptions to this rule, however. The law goes on to say that no statute of limitations is enforced in cases where a responsible party has been criminally convicted (or found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect) for his or her role in the actions that led to one's death. Another exception to the state's wrongful death statute of limitations may be "The Discovery Rule." This allows for the date for which the time begins to file a lawsuit to be the date on which a plaintiff uncovers the legal liability factors related to his or her loved one's death. 

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