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January 2018 Archives

The truth about medical misdiagnosis

For a large majority of Connecticut residents, putting a medical condition or injury into a professional's hands provides a sense of comfort. After all, there is often no trouble in doing so, for doctors are the experts. There are many patients, however, who have not had such a positive experience at a medical facility, whether it is due to negligence, incorrect prescriptions or misdiagnosis of an illness. Medical misdiagnosis is no new problem, but is it really as common as some might assume?

When a safe product abandons its promise

In a society where cigarettes have been replaced by the newer, allegedly healthier and more technologically savvy product called the electronic cigarette, consumers and experts alike have expressed conflicting opinions. Are e-cigarettes really the cigarette of the future, do they fulfill health expectations and, most of all, are they safe? There are a number of facts Connecticut consumers can keep in mind to become prepared in the case that the success of this popular product goes awry. 

Reviewing Connecticut's wrongful death statute

The days and months immediately following the unexpected loss of a loved one in New Haven can be extremely difficult to bear. Those going through them may want to do anything but think about the circumstances that may have led to the deaths of their family members or friends. Yet when questions remain regarding how one might have died, those closest to the decedent may feel compelled to look into matters further to understand what exactly may have happened. If it is revealed that a person's death was due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, those most affected by it may want the chance to hold the responsible party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit

Man killed by drunk driver day after Christmas

While January is in full swing now, the memories made during the recent holiday season should still be fresh in the minds of Connecticut residents. For most people, the expectation is that these memories are good ones. For some, however, these memories are filled with tragedy, loss and disbelief. Such is likely the experience of the friends and family of one man from South Bound Brook.

What damages may be compensable after a car accident?

Going about your daily activities may bring you a sense of comfort. Having a routine may allow you to plan your days or weeks ahead of time while also helping you reduce stress by staying on schedule. However, you cannot plan for every occurrence, and in some cases, you may find yourself involved in a serious accident that results in your suffering injuries.

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