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Life after a traumatic brain injury

Regardless of the cause, life after a traumatic brain injury can become challenging in a plethora of ways. Because not all of these challenges are visible, many of those who have experienced a TBI silently struggle. There are, however, many resources for Connecticut residents dealing with such obstacles, including rehabilitation facilities and even at-home approaches to finding peace of both body and mind.

BrainLine, a project dedicated to helping those with traumatic brain injuries, recognizes the many symptoms that can occur after such a serious accident. In an article on behavioral and emotional symptoms, the organization shares that each person's experiences are unique -- therefore, recovery methods can differ depending on the patient. BrainLine explains that the frontal lobe in particular can affect one's personality and control over emotions. Sudden changes in mood, risky behavior and verbal or physical outbursts are just some of the problems people with TBI can experience. Yet instead of simply accepting these shifts, BrainLine points out that consultations with neuropsychologists and behavioral therapists are ideal options. In these consultations, one can directly address unique symptoms and behavioral changes.

Many could likely guess, though, that these approaches are easier said than done. A Psychology Today article written by a professional living with TBI explains the personal struggle that can occur after an injury to the brain. The author of the article expresses the frustrations of her injuries but also the joys of reviving her identity, noting that recent advancements in the medical field have sparked a new hope regarding TBI. These advancements are not limited to a specific type of TBI, either: the article concludes by stating that, despite the form of injury and with the help of professionals, patients can seek their personalized routes to recovery and get back to living the life they love. 






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