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Could driving with a pet pose too many risks?

Bringing the dog along is never a bad idea -- unless the beloved fluffy one is rambunctious in the vehicle. While cell phones and various dashboard gadgets commonly cause drivers to become distracted, pets have also posed serious risks on the road. Some experts urge pet owners in Connecticut to be especially aware of these risks for a number of reasons, the first being safety for all passengers. 

News 8 released a survey conducted by the American Automobile Association that showed an alarming number of drivers are distracted by pets in some way. The cause? According to AAA, 52 percent of the drivers in the survey admitted to petting their dog while driving. 17 percent of dogs on-the-go sit in their owners' laps. Furthermore, 13 percent of surveyed drivers give food or treats to their pets. Amidst the rising roadway deaths in 2017, News 8 shares the concern that pet owners are becoming increasingly distracted, as well. There may be options to taming four-legged friends in the backseat, including dog seatbelts, but oftentimes it is the owner who encourages unruly behavior.

Markets Insider presents another risk that can come with driving with a pet: the spiking of insurance costs. MI points out that distracted driving is the most common cause of accidents, and that driving with pets is not an exception to this statistic. To make matters more serious, drivers who wreck with a dog in the car could face higher insurance premiums. According to MI, auto insurance plans do not cover animals involved in wrecks, and will not pay benefits toward potential veterinary needs. While practicing safe driving is always beneficial, experts encourage drivers to secure pets at all times while driving -- even if this practice places that furry companionship at a brief distance while travelling.    






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