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November 2017 Archives

Could driving with a pet pose too many risks?

Bringing the dog along is never a bad idea -- unless the beloved fluffy one is rambunctious in the vehicle. While cell phones and various dashboard gadgets commonly cause drivers to become distracted, pets have also posed serious risks on the road. Some experts urge pet owners in Connecticut to be especially aware of these risks for a number of reasons, the first being safety for all passengers. 

The unsettling trend of amusement park accidents

It is disconcerting to consider that the same amusement parks that promise to thrill visitors are also the cause of countless injuries and deaths. Wrongful death cases have entered the media spotlight in recent years after a series of accidents have taken place at some of the nation's most popular attractions. Connecticut, like most states, protects consumers in the case that an accident occurs; however, there is a statute of limitations on these laws surrounding wrongful death. Oftentimes these tragic events that surface front-page news fall to the wayside, but what are the possible end results of such incidents?

Connecticut's evolving workers' compensation laws

When it comes to work injuries, many connect accidents with industries such as construction or oil companies. However, a plethora of different industries across the nation also see a substantial number of accidents ranging from mild mishaps to fatal tragedies. Connecticut's workers' compensation laws continually change to best meet the needs of workers, with the common goal of getting employees back to good health and back to the job. 

Judge agrees with woman in sandwich slip and fall case

It may not be that difficult for people to understand the responsibility that property owners in New Haven have to ensure that their premises are safe for others to visit. At the same time, some may say that they cannot be expected to plan for every single possible hazard that may pop up on their properties. Ultimately, the duty they have to protect visitors may not involve anticipating dangers, but rather responding to them when they do occur, not matter how innocuous they may appear to be. 

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