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Workers compensation and ptsd

When most Connecticut employees consider the topic of workers' compensation, they initially think of injuries due to heavy lifting and labor. While construction work and other physically demanding industries certainly see a higher volume of injuries than other fields, lawmakers are recently debating a common issue found in workers' compensation cases: that of post traumatic stress disorder.  

PTSD is a widely known disorder, and is most commonly linked to soldiers upon their return from combat. The Day news focuses on how this type of health condition is also found among first responders, who often witness incredibly tragic events. Referring to state police Trooper First Class Chris Kick, who responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in 2012, The Day points out that many responders are left hopeless in the years following an incident. As of February 2017, the state of Connecticut did not recognize mental health injuries as compensable under its workers' compensation laws; as a result, countless workers like Kick were left unable to efficiently work and without state assistance. The bill proposed earlier this year sought to help police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians suffering from PTSD to obtain workers' compensation after experiencing injuries.

Fortunately for first responders, that Connecticut bill passed in March 2017. While there is still a long way to go in terms of statewide support for PTSD complications, an article in the Hartford Courant adds that the PTSD coverage bill is also supported by the Senate's top Democratic leader, Martin M. Looney. Of course, the bill requires approval from various other committees in order to reach the House and Senate, and the Courant points out that many are also opposed to such compensation changes. Those opposed to the bill claim that the rocky economic state of many of Connecticut's cities would simply not allow for this coverage, but those in support of the bill argue that the advantageous outcome of helping those who protect communities would outweigh the costs.          





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