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What you should know about trampolines

As Connecticut parents are looking for ways to encourage their children to put away the screens and get active this summer, they may be considering a trampoline or visits to a local trampoline park. However, according to WebMD, they may want to examine the risks of injuries more closely, first.

Statistics show that one trampoline-related injury out of every 200 leads to permanent brain or spinal cord damage, and approximately 17 percent of the total injuries affect the head, neck or both. These are common outcomes of failed flips, somersaults or other risky tricks. Children may also break bones, dislocate limbs or sustain severe bruising as a result of an accident. Parental supervision is not always a failsafe; between a third and a half of the injuries occur while an adult is present.

NPR reports that although more of the annual trampoline injuries happen at homes rather than trampoline parks, those sustained at the parks may be more serious, according to one study. Data indicates that dislocations are more common at parks, and of those injuries that lead to hospital admission, surgery is often necessary.

The popularity and proliferation of the indoor parks may be part of the reason that the injury reports keep climbing. In 2010, there were fewer than 600 emergency room visits, but in 2014, the number had risen to nearly 7,000. Not all experts are recommending that parents avoid the parks, though. They suggest keeping younger children in areas separate from older children, allowing only one person per trampoline and banning flips to reduce the risks.

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