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Workplace slip-and-fall accidents

Many people in New Haven do not take slip-and-fall accidents seriously. As common as this type of accident is, many people are not aware that it is a major cause of serious injury for employees in their workplace. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fall incidents that occurred where workers fell to lower surfaces or to the same level resulted in 798 employee deaths in 2014. They were also the reason “261,930 employees in the local government, state and private sectors missed work”.

Some falls result in little to no injury. Many workers are able to resume their normal activities immediately and soon after their ordeals. Other employees sustain more severe injuries that prevent them from performing their job duties and may require them to seek out medical treatment. Then there are workers whose accidents are so serious that they die from them. Common causes of workplace slips and falls include misplaced equipment, buckled carpets and mats, uneven surfaces and stairs. Workers who find themselves dealing with this type of situation usually suffer from many kinds of painful injuries.

Pulled and strained muscles often occur from falls because of the overexertion and strain that the muscles and tendons in the affected areas experience. They can also occur when workers try to maneuver their bodies to minimize the impact of their falls and to prevent them. Headaches and other symptoms that are typical of whiplash injuries can occur as well, states the Brain Injury Society. Broken bones and fractures are more likely to occur when victims fall from one level to another and when objects or other people fall on them. They may even break their bones and suffer fractures when they fall onto workplace objects and equipment.

Workplaces are supposed to be kept free of dangers and hazards that can lead to slip-and-fall accidents and other types of incidents. Workers can protect themselves by paying careful attention to their surroundings, informing others of hazardous conditions and avoiding them.

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