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What you should know about serious burn injuries

While you may not feel overly concerned about receiving a sunburn, or coming into brief contact with a hot skillet, there are some burn injuries that may permanently affect your life in Connecticut. Not only do severe burns affect your skin, they can do damage to your internal organs, and your mental and emotional health. At The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, we have seen the effects this type of injury can have on victims and their families, and have provided legal counsel to many who want to pursue compensation from the negligent party whose actions caused the burn.

The Mayo Clinic explains that a health care provider may prescribe medication for relief from the pain of a burn that penetrates the first layer of skin and affects the layers below. However, a chemical or electrical burn should receive medical attention, even though it may not seem deep. Similarly, you may need to go to a health care facility for any burn that occurs over one of your joints, or covers your extremities, your face or genitals

Even after you have received treatment for your burn, you are particularly susceptible to complications such as infection because it is difficult to keep bacteria out of the wound while it heals. The skin is an essential organ with multiple functions, such as regulating body temperature. If you have a large burn, it could cause your body heat to escape, leading to hypothermia. If blood vessels are damaged, your heart may not be able to supply portions of your body with enough blood to prevent fluid loss.

If you suffer limited mobility or visible scarring, you may also have to deal with emotional and psychological trauma. A doctor may recommend therapy or other support to help you adjust. More information about damages and recovery common to burn victims is available on our web page. 

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