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Dealing with disfigurement after a Connecticut semi crash

A serious accident - such as one involving a tractor trailer or other large vehicle - can cause a lot of damage. Not only is there damage to the vehicle, but the driver and passengers of the vehicles suffer injuries as well. Victims of Connecticut crashes may suffer physically and emotionally for weeks, months or even years. Some may even face lifelong scarring and disfigurement due to the severity of their injuries.

A scar or disfigurement can cause emotional pain. Society judges people based on how they look, so an accident victim with scars on their face, an amputated leg or a missing eye will likely receive unwanted stares and negative attention. This can cause someone to become overly self-conscious and lead to anxiety, isolation, and, in severe cases, post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder can cause victims to relive the horrific accident over and over again to the point where they can no longer function in everyday life.

While financial compensation cannot directly heal emotional wounds, it can help with the causes. For example, a victim who lost teeth in an accident can use the money to pay for dental implants. A person with facial scarring can pay for cosmetic surgery to reduce the appearance of scars. The money can also be used to pay for therapy sessions, since an accident of this nature is likely to cause some psychological trauma. After being involved in a semi accident, a person may be scared to drive again.

Semi crashes can cause pain and suffering and permanent disability. While no amount of money can cure the pain or undo the accident, financial compensation can pay for ongoing medical expenses and possibly help remedy some of the situations. It's important to hold the liable party responsible for your injuries, so seek legal representation to understand your rights.

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