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Tis the season to brush up on safe winter driving tips

As Connecticut residents gear up for the busy holiday season, winter weather is always a consideration. Each year, far too many drivers are involved in car accidents in which inclement weather plays a role. In many cases, these types of accidents could be prevented if drivers would follow basic safe winter driving tips.

First and foremost, when heavy snow or blizzard weather conditions present, it's advisable not to travel unless absolutely necessary. It doesn't even have to be snowing, however, for the roads to be slippery and hazardous. To prevent being involved in a rear-end accident during the winter months, drivers are advised to provide additional room between their vehicle and leading vehicles.


When traveling on snow covered or packed street, drivers are advised to accelerate slowly and to apply a vehicle's brakes well in advance of making any necessary stops or turns. In cases where a vehicle's brakes lock or seize up, it's best to remain calm and continue firmly pressing down on a vehicle’s brake pedal.

Individuals driving on snowy or icy roads are advised to drive slowly and cautiously. Driving too fast for winter road conditions is often a recipe for disaster and puts the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians in danger.

In some cases, Connecticut residents who have been adversely impacted due to a car accident may choose to take legal action. Injuries suffered in car accidents may result in an individual suffering painful and debilitating injuries as well as incurring hefty medical expenses. A personal injury lawsuit can help injured parties recover damages related to injuries, medical costs and lost wages.

Source: AAA, "Winter Driving Tips," copyright 2013

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