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Thanksgiving 2013 riskier for Connecticut drivers than 2012

Holiday weekends are often considered to be more dangerous for highway travel than a typical weekend throughout the year. Why? It may be the increased number of travelers, the longer distances between destinations, higher concentration of parties where alcohol is served or even an increase in late nights that result in more drowsy drivers when it comes time to get home.

Although holiday weekends are already often more perilous for drivers, this year was especially hazardous in Connecticut. It has only been a couple of days since the official end to the Thanksgiving break, but the numbers have already been tallied. In just a few short days, there were 562 total auto accidents on roads throughout the state. That is an unbelievable 152 more total collisions than the year prior.

Many of those 562 crashes were thankfully either fender benders or only involved property damage. However, there were still 92 accidents that left at least one or more persons injured. Again, that was an increase from the number of collisions involving injury in 2012, with an increase of 33 accidents.

There was some good news in that there were fewer drunk drivers and speeders pulled over on the roads. Arrest numbers for both of these traffic violations decreased from 2012 to 2013. Although the numbers were lower, it is not clear whether more people really were making safer choices or if they simply were not caught by law enforcement officials.

Whether it occurs on a holiday weekend with a lot of incidents or on a weekend with very few, an accident can change the lives of those involved forever. When it is at the hands of a negligent driver, a personal injury lawsuit does hold the other driver responsible for their actions. It also provides the compensation that many families need just to cover the medical bills, lost wages and other very real damages.

Source: The Daily Voice, “Car Accidents, Injuries Increase On Connecticut Roads Over Holiday,” Joe Jenkins, Dec. 2, 2013

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