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Study uncovers disturbing views towards texting while driving

College students often lead busy lives. In addition to attending classes, many college students also work and readily partake in numerous activities and social events. Juggling school, work and a social life requires the ability to multi-task which is a skill that most college students have mastered.

Behind the wheel of a car is one place, however, where college students should not be exercising their multi-tasking skills. Most Connecticut college students are well aware of the numerous statistics and studies that prove the many dangers associated with texting while driving. However, despite this knowledge many students continue to engage in this dangerous and highly distracting behavior, putting them at an increased risk of being involved in a car accident.

The authors of one study recently found that four out of five college students surveyed admitted to texting while driving. For the study, respondents were asked a series of questions related to their personal texting habits and viewpoints. Through a series of questions, researchers hoped to determine whether an individual's propensity towards impulsiveness would translate into an increase in behaviors related to texting while driving.

The results of the survey show that both sexes are equally as likely to text while driving. The attitudes of men towards the dangerous practice, however, were much more flippant and dismissive whereas women tended to acknowledge that texting while driving is dangerous.

This and other similar studies show a troubling pattern of disregard by younger drivers when it comes to texting while driving. Despite the fact that nearly all states now have laws banning drivers from texting, the laws are apparently not effective in either deterring drivers from texting nor encouraging negative feelings towards the behavior.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, "Males downplay risk of texting and driving, study says," Monte Morin, Oct. 11, 2013

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