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Rollover car accident leaves one dead, three injured

Drivers involved in car accidents often remark later how quickly things spun out of control. Many car accidents are the result of drivers who are engaging in unsafe driving practices and behaviors. Talking or texting on a cellphone, speeding and engaging with passengers are among some of the most common and dangerous driving behaviors that often result in a driver being involved in or causing a car accident.

According to Connecticut state police, a recent one-car accident resulted in one passenger being killed and three others seriously injured. The accident occurred as the car traveled along I-91 near North Haven. For unknown reasons, the driver of the car lost control of the vehicle, crossed two lanes of traffic and crashed into a side rail. The force of the crash, coupled with the speed at which the vehicle was traveling, caused the car to careen off of the highway and rollover.

As the car rolled over, a total of four people were ejected from the vehicle. One of these individuals, a passenger, was killed. Three others sustained serious injuries for which they were hospitalized. Police continue to investigate the cause of the accident, it's likely however, that the driver was distracted and speeding.

Tragic fatal car accidents such as this one occur with far too much frequency in Connecticut. While details of this specific accident are still emerging, it's also very likely that the occupants who were ejected from the car were not wearing seat belts. Drivers who engage in dangerous driving behaviors put not only their lives in danger, but also that of passengers and other drivers.

In this case, it's possible that the family of the passenger who was killed may choose to pursue legal action. A wrongful death lawsuit is often an appropriate means to recovering financial compensation related to the loss of a loved one. Likewise, the surviving passengers who sustained injuries may also choose to sue to recover compensation related to injuries, disability and medical expenses.

Source: WTNH, "One dead and three ejected from car in accident on I-91," June 1, 2013

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