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How do employees and independent contractors differ?

In order to receive compensation for work injuries, you must be considered a full-time employee. Unfortunately, some employers misclassify their workers to avoid providing appropriate compensation, which can leave you without an income and on the hook for medical expenses. To ensure you’re able to determine your own employment status, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services offers the following information.

To be considered an employee, one usually completes a job application before hire. This application will then be reviewed by human resources personnel, who will provide a job offer if the applicant meets the criteria. Upon acceptance, you also need to provide additional information, as well as complete relevant tax forms. You’re also covered by state and federal labor laws concerning overtime pay, workers’ compensation coverage, and unemployment pay.

What are some common accidents involving bicycles?

According to, there are approximately 90,000,000 cyclists in the U.S. Because bicycles are afforded the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles, Connecticut drivers must take the proper steps to prevent a serious accident from occurring. The following are a few common accidents, along with tips on how to avoid them.

Opening car doors

Mother sues political donor over the death of her son

In many cases, the motives behind a wrongful death lawsuit in New Haven may be financial, as those that one who dies due to the apparent negligence of another might struggle in dealing with the financial losses their death brings. Yet in others, the filers of such lawsuits may simply be seeking to hold those responsible for their loved one's deaths accountable. Although the outcome of a wrongful death lawsuit may not include a defendant facing criminal charges (at least for the matter being argued), it may offer some degree of closure to those affected by their actions in knowing that they have been found legally culpable. 

A California mother is seeking just that after losing her son to a fatal drug overdose. In a wrongful death lawsuit filed on her son's behalf, she alleges that he received the dose of methamphetamine that killed him at the hands of a prominent local political donor. Also included in her lawsuit are the county district attorney and other officials that she claims failed to take any action against the man despite there being numerous other accounts of him engaging in similar activity (since the young man's death, another has also died in the donor's apartment in the same fashion). Through his attorney, the donor has denied being involved in any wrongdoing. 

Can you avoid a head-on collision? Perhaps

You would more than likely agree that one of the most terrifying and dangerous types of car accident is a head-on collision. When these accidents occur at highway speeds and above, they often result in catastrophic wreckage from which few people walk away.

These accidents often occur at night, but in reality, they can happen at any time of day. Just because it's daytime doesn't mean you can let your guard down. You may travel the same Connecticut roads every day without incident, and then one day your luck runs out. You see another vehicle headed right for yours. The fact is, you may have only seconds to respond.

What changed about workers' compensation in 2019?

Sometimes changes to workers' compensation system benefit you and your employer. In Connecticut in 2018, there was a change that goes into effect in 2019. The Insurance Journal explains that business owners got a 17 percent decrease in rates. This is huge because it means your employer is paying less for workers' compensation insurance. This savings may benefit you.

When your employer saves on expenses, it can then take the money saved and reinvest it in the business. For example, your employer may be able to give raises or make changes to benefit plans with the extra money.

Lawsuit claims inexperienced pilot allowed to fly

When people in New Haven hear that lawsuits are being filed against a company, they may likely assume such action to be due to faulty products. This is especially true involving vehicle failures (such as plane crashes or vehicle rollovers). Cases involving operator error, on the other hand, might be assumed to be limited to those who were operating a vehicle at the time an accident occurred. Yet could it possible for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit to allege that operator error was the fault of a managing company? 

That is what is being alleged in a lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of Texas man who died in a plane crash in 2017. The man and the pilot of the small plane were killed after it attempted an emergency landing in response to an engine failure shortly after takeoff. The lawsuit alleges that the plane should have been able to land safely even after an engine failure. It claims, however, that the pilot (despite having reportedly been a career commercial aircraft pilot) was not experienced enough to have been approved to fly the aircraft involved in the accident, and that the companies named as defendants in the lawsuit knew that, yet approved him to fly it anyway. 

What are the emotional effects of amputation?

Loss of a limb affects a person both psychologically as well as physically. This is especially true when amputation results from a traumatic injury or accident as opposed to a long-term chronic illness. Navigating these emotional effects can be quite difficult, and failure to do so can inhibit the healing and rehabilitation process. Physiopedia explains the possible effects of amputation, which entail many different coping methods.

Some people experience the five stages of grief, which are usually linked to the death of a loved one. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. During the five stages, a person may cycle through many diverse emotions, including guilt, shame, sadness, helplessness, and many others. Also, not everyone experiences all five stages or experiences stages in their given order. It usually depends on the individual and the circumstances surrounding the amputation. 

Middlefield woman seriously injured in auto-ped accident

Many in New Haven may jokingly apply the concept of Darwinism to several situations outside of evolution. The idea of "survival of the fittest" may seem to imply that the biggest and the strongest of a related bunch always gets the best of a given situation. That may certainly be true in the case of an auto-pedestrian collision. Given the fact that pedestrians are fully exposed to the impact of a vehicle while motorists remain protected by their cars in such incidents, it is little wonder that pedestrians get the worst of it when such collisions occur. Thus, the law offers them protections is scenarios where they might encounter vehicles. 

Pedestrians are afforded the right-of-way when using a sidewalk or crossing the street in a crosswalk. Yet even these protections may not serve to adequately protect them when motorists drive recklessly. That certainly appears to be what happened when a car collided with a pedestrian in Middlefield. Witnesses say that the car was traveling westbound on a local road when it suddenly veered into oncoming traffic. The car then hit a pedestrian before finally being halted by a telephone pole. The driver of the car was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The woman he struck, however, did not fare nearly as well. She reportedly sustained serious injuries. 

Overcoming TBI-related memory issues

Even with all researchers do know, the human brain remains a mystery in many ways. For this reason, it can be nearly impossible to predict what kinds of lasting effects a particular individual will have after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

What researchers do know is that, even if your doctor says you have recovered from your initial injury, you may still have issues, and if you are like other TBI sufferers, it means memory problems. For some reason, the resolution of memory issues often takes longer than other brain injury effects, if it goes away at all.

How can I safely clear snow from my property?

Residents of Connecticut are certainly no strangers to snow. As a result, snow and slush can build up on sidewalks and walkways and potentially cause serious slip-and-fall injuries. While snow clearing during winter is important, it’s also important to stay safe while doing so. In this case, Travelers offers the following tips.

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