New Haven Attorneys Handling Claims Related To Vision And Hearing Loss

Vision and hearing are two of our most important senses. We rely on our ability to see and hear to help us perform nearly every type of task. When these senses are lost or are compromised due to a workplace accident or injury, your life can be turned upside down and you may even find yourself unable to do your job. That is why it is important to pursue the full range of benefits that are available under the Connecticut workers' compensation program.

At The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, our New Haven lawyers have extensive experience helping injured workers recover the compensation and benefits to which they are entitled. Our firm's founder, attorney George H. Romania, has been standing up for the rights of workers since 1986. We are prepared to put this wealth of experience to work for you so you can receive the benefits you need and deserve.

Disabilities Can Occur In An Instant Or Develop Over Time

Loss of vision and/or hearing can occur suddenly, such as in the case of a workplace explosion. In other situations, the loss can be gradual, such as hearing loss that results from being exposed to a loud work area over a number of years. In either case, it is important to inform your employer of the injury and to see a doctor about treatment options. Once you have taken these steps, it is important to get legal advice as soon as possible. There are certain deadlines that must be met in order to qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Helping You Recover Medical And Disability Benefits

The workers' comp system is designed to help you receive a portion of your lost wages due to the accident and to help you cover the cost of medical treatments. In cases involving vision and hearing loss where a full recovery is unlikely, you may also qualify for either partial or total disability benefits, depending on the extent of your injuries. Our attorneys understand what it takes to build a successful claim and how to help you recover all of your available benefits.

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