Heart And Hypertension Conditions At The Workplace

Connecticut's Heart and Hypertension Act was enacted in 1977. The act was specifically established to protect police officers and firefighters who develop heart conditions or hypertension (high blood pressure) throughout the course of their jobs. Police officers and firefighters can obtain compensation in addition to regular workers' compensation benefits.

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Heart And Hypertension Conditions Are Presumptive Conditions For Police Officers And Firefighters

Police officers and firefighters regularly encounter stressful and life-threatening situations. The Heart and Hypertension Act recognizes this, and operates under the presumption that a police officer or firefighter who develops a heart or hypertension condition while employed in that job developed the condition because of the job.

If you have high blood pressure, had a heart attack or have another type of health problem associated with the heart and are a police officer or firefighter, it is presumed that you will be covered under not just workers' compensation laws but the Heart and Hypertension Act as well.

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