Compassionate Prescription Drug Error Legal Representation

Nursing homes and other care facilities are legally responsible for delivering medication to residents on time and in the correct dosages. If facility staff members deliver medication incorrectly, serious injury and illness can result and sometimes even be fatal.

The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, based in New Haven, Connecticut, has been representing victims of nursing home negligence for more than two decades. Our attorneys know how to properly investigate these cases to ensure that liable parties are held accountable for your loved one's injury or death.

Common Medication Errors

Typically, medication errors at nursing homes are the result of negligence or miscommunication. Common mistakes include:

  • Incorrect dose — Miscommunication or misread dosages on the prescription
  • Overdoses — By residents who aren't properly supervised or when a prescription is misread by staff or the pharmacist
  • Incorrect medication — The original prescription is misread or the wrong medication is given by staff

There may also be circumstances when a patient is unable to communicate regarding an incorrect dose or he or she may be unable to recognize the error due to mental incapacity. And, unfortunately, facilities with inadequate staff may deliberately overmedicate their residents to better control them.

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