Taking Action When Bedsores In Nursing Homes Occur

Bedsores, or pressure sores, on a nursing home resident are a sign of neglect and should be reported immediately. Additionally, it is important for those sores to be treated right away to prevent infection. If your parent or another loved one is suffering from bedsores that have gone untreated by the care facility, you may need legal representation to advocate on your behalf.

At The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, in New Haven, Connecticut, we can provide the assistance you need. We will act on your behalf in communication with the facility staff and, if necessary, represent you in any injury claims. We have more than 20 years of experience with nursing home negligence cases and are fully prepared to handle all aspects of your case.

Strong Representation For Pressure Sore Lawsuits

If it becomes necessary to file a negligence lawsuit against the care facility, our lawyers will work diligently on your case. We will gather and examine any photographic evidence, correspondence with facility staff about the problem and any medical records documenting the infection or injury. We understand the complexities of these types of cases, and will be strong advocates for you and your loved one both in negotiations and, if necessary, in court.

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