Understanding Of Hospital And Nursing Home Negligence

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New Haven Nursing Home Negligence

Every year, thousands of seniors experience serious or even fatal injuries as a result of nursing home negligence. Some of the most frequent injuries sustained as a result of nursing home negligence include:

Nursing home negligence comes in many forms, and may include a failure to properly monitor patients, medication errors, failure to protect patients from slip-and-fall accidents and failure to properly turn and care for patients to avoid bedsores and infections. Elder abuse, including physical and sexual abuse, also occurs at nursing homes.

How Slip-And-Fall Accidents Happen

One of the most common causes of nursing home injuries is slip-and-fall accidents. According to a recent report by the CDC: "About 1,800 older adults living in nursing homes die each year from fall-related injuries. Those who experience non-fatal falls can suffer injuries, have difficulty getting around and have a reduced quality of life."

Many slip-and-fall injuries are the result of negligence. According to the same report: "Environmental hazards in nursing homes cause 16% to 27% of falls among residents. Such hazards include wet floors, poor lighting, incorrect bed height, and improperly fitted or maintained wheelchairs."

Other examples of negligence that may cause nursing home injuries include failure to monitor patients, failure to properly move patients, inadequate supervision for patients on heavy medication and a failure to create a slip-and-fall prevention strategy for at-risk patients.

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