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When rollover accidents occur, every side of the vehicle can hit the ground. If the vehicle is not crashworthy, the roof can collapse and cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to passengers.

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Any vehicle has the potential to roll over, but it happens more often in top-heavy vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks and semis. Rollovers are typically caused by issues such as drunk driving, high-speed accidents or collisions between multiple vehicles. These dangerous accidents can result in issues such as fuel tank fires, seat belt failures, windshield failures, roof collapses and ejection from the vehicle.

Accident victims may suffer catastrophic injuries, including:

The medical treatment necessary after these types of injuries will be extensive. Depending on the injury, you may need surgery, cosmetic procedures, pain management, rehabilitative therapy, psychological counseling and long-term care. You may also need prostheses or other medical equipment.

To recover the compensation you will need, it is best to work with an attorney who can fight the insurance company and make them pay sufficient damages.

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