Attorneys Who Regularly Handle Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions can occur at low, moderate and high speeds. They frequently occur because a driver either was following too closely or was not paying attention. Rear-end collision injuries frequently involve neck injuries and whiplash. Sometimes the symptoms of these injuries are not immediately apparent. It is advisable for injured people to seek medical help and pay close attention to possible symptoms of injuries.

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Seek Medical Attention And Enlist The Help Of An Attorney

Our skilled Hamden car accident attorneys advise accident victims to be aware of injury indicators. These indicators can include pain radiating to arms or legs, muscle soreness, numbness or weakness, as well as general pain. It is also important to seek medical assistance whenever you are having pain or problems. After a rear-end collision, it is vital that you pay attention to any changes in your body. A whiplash injury, neck injury, back injury or hyperextension injury can sometimes take days to manifest.

Our skilled attorneys handle rear-end accident claims that occurred at all speeds on freeways, highways, interstates, residential streets, exit ramps, on ramps, in parking lots, at stop signs and in turn lanes. Typically, the accidents occur because the at-fault driver was following too close, moved forward before he or she should have, or was not paying attention.

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