The most dangerous roads in Connecticut

This year, the Connecticut's Department of Transportation took a look at some of the state's most dangerous roads. Some of these routes are notorious for car accidents, so motorists should be extra cautious.

The DOT collected vehicle accident data from the years 2007 to 2011. Route 191 was one thoroughfare assessed by the agency. During the selected period, there were 134 accidents on this route - two of which were fatal.

While this area was bad, Route 85 had a count of 340 accidents. This was for the parts running through Waterford, Salem and Montville. While those locations tallied high numbers, the sections of Route 85 that run through Vernon, Glastonbury, Somers, Manchester and Ellington are much worse. There were 2,307 crashes during this reported period.

However, Route 66 also brought in poor numbers from 2007 to 2011. The DOT of Connecticut reports that there were 1,187 crashes in the portions that run through Middlefield, Portland, Middletown and East Hampton. Moreover, the road claimed the lives of seven individuals.

Yet, Route 10 carried the highest count of these routes for car accidents, according to the DOT. The areas that cross through Granby, Farmington, Avon, Cheshire, Hamden, Simsbury, Plainville and Southington pulled in 4,666 crashes.

These numbers are very alarming. Motorists should be alert when driving through these sections. What is the cause of these accidents? A spokesperson from the DOT notes:
"They all come back to the same thing, which is motorist or driver error."

The most common driving errors, which have been reported as the root of accidents in the aforementioned routes, are the following:

  • Following too closely.
  • Failing to grant the right of way.
  • Loss of control by driver.
  • Violated traffic sign or light.
  • An animal or foreign object in the road.
  • Speed above what is appropriate for the conditions.
  • Improper maneuver (turning).

Any of these traffic violations or issues can lead to a serious accident. Because most of these factors are linked to motor vehicle infractions, the DOT encourages motorists to refrain from these poor driving habits.

The transportation agency of Connecticut reports that overall, there were 78,437 collisions in the state in the year 2011. Approximately 209 of these crashes involved at least one death.

While some roads may pose more of a threat of a car collision than others, this does not justify negligent or reckless driving on any Connecticut road. If you have been harmed in a serious accident, you may benefit from meeting with a qualified personal injury lawyer in your area. A legal professional can aid in the quest for recovery.